Sunday, September 5, 2010

2 weeks, yoga, jeans and 5 hours

We had Lennon's 2 week appointment and she weighed in at a hefty 8 pounds 6 oz compared to 7 pounds a little over a week and a half ago so the little girl is getting her fill of milk for sure! she has totally changed in the last week her cheeks have filled out and she just gets cuter and cuterevery day. Every mom has their opinion on whether or not to have your child sleep with you in bed or have them sleep in their own crib. Ever since we brought Lennon home we have had her sleeping with us in our bed I think it was more for us than her as I just felt more comfortable having her right next to me and feeling her breath. But, we figured we probably should not let her get to comfortable with that sleeping arrangement so three nights ago we put her in the bassinet and to our surprise she slept great! And believe it or not last night she slept 5 hours... crazy huh? So, we will see what tonight brings... as all you know not one day is the same with a newborn.
here is a cute pic of her the other day!

I must say that I finally am loving being a mom I just find myself sitting around and staring at her everyday. We have started to get into a little routine I started back at Yoga on Wed and I am so lucky to be able to bring her with me to the studio. I just lay her on a blanket behind me and she just looks around and observes the surroundings. I think it will be good for both of us to be in that calming environment and I must say I will miss taking her with me everyday once I go back to work. It felt great getting back into my practice and look forward to getting stronger and stronger each week. Hopefully a combo of breastfeeding working out and eating healthy will get me back to my pre-pregnancy weight in a couple of months.. I already feel pretty good and managed to fit into a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans last night (it was a snug fit though) I was pretty happy about it as I a told myself i am never wearing an empire waist tunic or dress ever again!
Here is Lennon and myself rocking out to The Smiths!

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