Monday, August 30, 2010

Us Three Girls

Today was my official first day home alone as a temporary stay at home mom. All in all everything went well. I managed to take the stroller and Jude on a walk this morning. It took Jude a little while to realize that she wasn't in control of her walks anymore. We usually let her lead the way which probably wasbad dog training on our part but oh well you live and you learn. Anyway... she caught on pretty quickly and I think I will look forward to our walks every morning.
I was really shocked on how fast the day went, I was a little worried that I was going to get bored staying at home but I think I will find plenty of things to do especially when Lennon and I start g
oing to yoga every morning and when the weather cools off I plan on taking miss Jude and miss Lennon to the park. Plus I think I could just sit and stare at lennon all day long I feel like she is changing every day.
here is a pic of her yesterday at the Nelson her first art museum experience!

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  1. Nicole, it is so fun to read about this new chapter in your life!